Mid-week Groups


Our mid-week groups are a fantastic opportunity to help you seek transformation by the Book, through the Spirit, in community and 'on the job'.
If you would like to explore joining one of our mid-week groups then please do contact Simon or one of the group leaders below.

Wednesdays 7.45pm 'Cana' (1st and 3rd) | South Ruislip
Contact: Jane and Steve Buxton (steven.buxton@blueyonder.co.uk)

Wednesdays 8pm (fortnightly) | Harrow
Contact: Tad and Nic Bielicki (tadbielicki@yahoo.com)

Thursdays 10.15am-11.30 (2nd and 4th) | Church lounge
Contact: Maureen Jordan or Barbara Workman

Thursdays 8pm (fortnightly) | Church lounge
Contact: Arthur & Hilary Akhurst (arthur.akhurst@sky.com)


Mid week groups with a specific focus 

Families with young children: ‘and breathe’
Wednesday evenings  7.45– 9.30pm. Weekly with guys and girls alternating (that is, guys one week, girls the next)
Leaders: Richard & Emily Antcliffe (rantcliffe@gmail.com, emilyantcliffe@gmail.com) and Vicky Morsley (victoria.morsley@googlemail.com)
Where: Harrow

Women's Network
Meets 10-11.30 on the second Saturday of each month (except July and September)
Leader: Barbara Workman or Helen Jackson
Where: Christ Church Lounge

Every Friday at 8pm
Leader: John Nixson
Where: West Harrow

Weekly Meal and Support (See "Get Together" Page)
Wednesday evenings, 7pm
Where: Downstairs hall at Christ Church

Women's Fellowship
Tuesday afternoons, 2.15pm (Apart from the first week in the month)
Leader: Anne Hooper
Where: Christ Church Lounge

Young People aged 15-19 (MAC) (See "Youth" Page)
Monday Evenings 7.30 - 9.30
Leaders: Paul and Harriet Cable (youth@ccrharrow.org)
Where: House near Christ Church