Mid-week Groups


Alongside our Sunday services we have a number of different groups that meet through the week offering you the chance to build friendships, find mutual support and seek God's transformation for yourself and those around you.  The groups are varied in character but all meet at least 12 times per year and aim to help people to live by the Book, in the Spirit, through Community and On the Job. Some groups meet at Christ Church and others are hosted in homes around Harrow.

Our groups are always open to new members. Find out more about our groups and sign up now by scrolling through the information below. If you would like some help choosing the best group for you please contact our vicar Simon.



As well as Sundays and larger midweek groups, another way to grow through community is to be part of a 'trio': a group of (usually) 3 people who meet regularly to pray for one and encourage one another. Trios can be a safe space to share and hold one another accountable as we seek God's transformation for ourselves and others. If you're interested in joining a trio please contact Simon Durrant: vicar@ccrharrow.org.